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Life Coaching and Counseling
Ruth D. Timmons, LCSW
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Who is life coaching for?

Individuals who have an area in their
lives that they would like to change or
Individuals who are willing and able
to set personal goals and take action
to achieve these goals.
Individuals who want an objective
person to listen, provide clarity,
encourage, and help them in this

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a professional service which
assists individuals in various areas of life.  In
life coaching, the coach helps the client to:
focus on the current situation that the
client wants to change or improve.
set goals and develop an action plan.
identify ways to overcome blocks or
put the plan into action.
review their progress and adjust their
plan accordingly.

When does life coaching take place and
how long does the process last?

Life coaching sessions usually take place
weekly.  How long it lasts depends on each
person's needs, but is ultimately up to the

Where does life coaching take place?

Life coaching can take place either by phone
or in person.
How is life coaching different from

Depending on who you ask, you'll get
different answers.  Personally, I think there
are both similarities and differences between
the counseling and life coaching processes
and the people who provide counseling and
life coaching services.

One major difference is the need for service.  
If a person has
unresolved trauma issues, such as
childhood abuse or neglect (or)
ongoing mental health issues,
then that person needs to see a qualified counselor to get help with those issues.

Another major difference is the qualifications
of the counselor or life coach.
Counselors have at least a Master's
degree in a human service field, such
as counseling or social work.  
Licensure requirements vary from
state to state.      
Life coaching, at this time, is not  
regulated by the federal or state         
government in the U.S.  Some life     
coaches get certified through            
organizations, such as the             
International Coaching Federation,    
but this is not legally required at this
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